We offer a simple 20-day return policy. In terms of inquiries, you can reach out to us via email, and a customer service person will respond within 24 hours. After 20 days, there is no expectation of a return.

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Even if we focus on a global clientele, certain countries (OFAC states) are prohibited from this list due to international legal penalties. Apart from that, we don’t send anything to Israel under any circumstances. Israel is also on our “no-fly” list.

Payments can be made using Discover, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We use an SSL Certificate to establish a secure platform to ensure the highest level of security for our clients’ payments. You will need to provide the card number and leave the rest on the SSL layer page once the order is placed online. We do not accept checks or cash, thus the only methods of payment are credit cards and PayPal.

All refunds must be made within 20 days of purchase. To assist us to understand the possible issue, we’ll need your order number, summary (with photographs if available), original packing, logos, and any other information about how you used the goods.
Exchanges are based on supply and demand. Please keep in mind that the item you’re looking for is now with us. We should issue a refund if we don’t have it.
We will not process a contribution if we receive an item and determine that it has broken our rules.
If the tag is missing from our package when it arrives at our Australian warehouse, we will not issue a refund.
If you want to return goods without a valid reason, you will be charged postage.

In certain circumstances, R Jackets has the ability to decline or approve your request. When placing an order on the website, you must answer all of the required questions in order for your order to be processed.

All registered clients must obey The Genuine Leather’s regulations to ensure the privacy of their accounts.

The headquarters of our company is located in the United States. All disagreements are resolved within a reasonable amount of time.

If you believe you have a damaged item or one that is not what you ordered, please contact us at within 24 hours.
In order to expedite your refund, we would need your order number, images of the goods, and any additional information about how you used the product that would assist us to determine the possible problem.
If a product is found to be defective as a result of a manufacturing error or faulty materials, we will replace it if necessary.

The proposal for order cancellation will be submitted within 24 hours, and if it is done within 24 hours, we must reimburse the entire balance in the consumer’s account; nevertheless, if the buyer ever wants to withdraw the purchase, the following requirements apply.
If you cancel your order after 24 hours, you will be charged a 25% deduction from your payment.
If you cancel your order before it arrives or while it is in the shipping process, you will be charged a 25% cancellation fee as well as shipping expenses.

Before purchasing anything from our website, double-check your size. If the size is incorrect (runs small or large), please contact us at