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Unisex Jackets

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Frequently Aske Questions


What exactly does a unisex jacket mean?

When something is made to be worn or used by both men and women, as opposed to just one sex, it is referred to as being “unisex.”


How can you tell whether a jacket is unisex?

There the main point of difference is the color. There is generally a stripe or two of different colors which demarcate which jacket is meant for which gender. The issue of standard sizes is another. Women's jackets are often smaller in size compared to men's, who wear much bigger coats.


Is unisex sizing masculine or female?

Unisex sizing runs as men's sizing Women should select 2 sizes smaller than their normal size. Example: Unisex Size 7 = Men's Size 7 & Women's Size 9.


Can a woman wear a mans blazer?

Someone who is tall with broad shoulders then women's can wear mans blazer.


Can a man put on a woman's jacket?

Yes, if they are precisely in place.


How big is unisex large?

X-Small < 5'6 " in || <168 cm < 37” in || < 94 cm Medium 5'9" in || 175-180 cm 39”-42” in || 99-107 cm Large 6'0 ” in || 183-188 cm 42”-45” in || 107-114 cm X-Large 6'2″ in || 191-196 cm 45”-48” in || 114-122 cm