Our Story

Without a fantastic leather jacket, every wardrobe is just not complete. When I went shopping for leather jackets with some friends, Real Leather Jackets was born out of our own hunt for a quality piece of clothing.
We were tired of having to pick between expensive luxury goods and quick fashion. There were luxury brands, which required spending more than $5000, and fast-fashion, which meant purchasing items that would not last for many years. What other possibilities were there?
Following extensive investigation and study, it was determined that the lengthy supply chain involving wholesalers, retailers, and distributors, in addition to expensive marketing initiatives, was the cause of the increased cost of leather outerwear. This indicated that the product itself only received a little portion of the amount that customers paid.
We founded Real Leather Jackets because we saw that the issue could be resolved and that customers like us deserved better.Our task was straightforward: make it simple for consumers to purchase premium Leather Jackets at reasonable prices.
Through cost reduction, in-house design and manufacturing, direct consumer sales, and just-in-time production, we are able to offer leather jackets of superior quality at a much reduced price.We think everyone has the right to experience the thrilling sensation that comes with donning a leather jacket.